Decision Models in Human Resource Management

Chair: Nizar Mansour, Emirates College of Technology, UAE (

An increasing number of publications concerning the HR Decision Aid Systems indicate a growing interest in the prospering new research field. Yet, little is still known about the exact way HR decisions are made in organizations, which models, approaches and technological infrastructure are supporting the decision making process, and how the outcomes of these decisions are being measured.

A better understanding of the HR Decision Aid Systems and their dynamic interactions with the cultural, organizational and managerial contexts will surely offer additional insights on how the HRM policies and practices contribute to the overall performance of organizations and may bring answers to the classic problem of the HR manager getting “a chair around the table”.

You are strongly encouraged to submit your original work in one of the following themes. Researchers may want to add additional items to the list, provided that they are congruent with the track’s scope.

  • HRM and strategic alignment: models, outcomes and lessons
  • Data mining and HR practices
  • HR planning and forecasting systems
  • Recruitment and selection decisions: which models? Which effectiveness?
  • HR metrics and the performance dashboard of the HR Department
  • Measuring performance in the HRM-firm performance research
  • HR information systems
  • Human and social capital in Strategic Human Resource Management
  • HR decisions and the role of institutional, cultural and managerial context
  • Unionism, industrial relations and HR decisions

NizarNizar Mansour is an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior. He currently teaches HRM at the Emirates College of Technology at Abu Dhabi, where he has been serving as the Director of Institutional Research and Quality Assurance since 2013. Dr. Mansour’s research focuses on the impact of Human Resource Management Systems on organizational performance, knowledge management and organizational learning capabilities of the firm through human capital development and the promotion of learning-oriented work climates. His works are published in peer reviewed international journals, including Personnel Review, Management International, Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations, etc. Dr. Mansour has led several training and consultancy activities in the fields of people management and organizational development in public and private entities in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, UAE, etc.